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The site is a bit rough and ready but this will improve as time permits.

These purpose of this site is to show the problems I have encountered when building my home. It involved at various stages, East Kilbride District Council Planning Department, Land Registry, the Parliamentary Omnbudsman, my MP and MSP, the Scottish Parliament, the Scottish Secretary,the Information Commissioner (Freedom of Information Scotland Act) and more.

It has cost me a lot of money and a lot more time, and it has undoubtably ruined lives. I have very strong opinions on the behaviour and tactics of the various parties involved and the result of their actions which are not just despicable, but also illegal. Such an outrageous and persistent abuse of power was something I could only imagine happening in some foreign dictatorship. As I reveal the facts always remember, this could happen to anyone. A Scotland to be proud of, I don't think so.

It was stated at the Lands Tribunal that if I was allowed to be successful it would "open the floodgates" for other claims against Lands Registry, what price natural justice! So if you have been affected by an unfair decision by Lands Registry, though if my case it was blatant fraud, maybe my pursuit of justice may be of interest to you. If it is bookmark the page and keep checking back. I will be setting up a blog and a Twitter page for when all this gets down and dirty, god knows I've tried everything else :)

The content on this page and the entire site is "without predjudice".

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